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New mums and sleep

Hard to lose baby weight?

Sleep deprivation linked to weight gain ?

I hope my next baby won't be as terrible sleeper and take hours to put down to sleep as my son is often...

'nother newbie :)

hi all, I'm Sophie :)

To be honest, I've been overweight for as long as I can remember. Rarely by a whole lot, but enough that getting into a size UK 12 is a fantastic feeling, and my usual clothing size is UK 16 on top (big boobs), 14 on the bottom. When I start to need size 16 jeans, I know I'm slipping again.

Before DD was conceived, I spent 6 months following Weight Watchers after realising that I'd almost hit the 80kg (13 stone or 180lb) mark. I don't like most of our wedding photos because I was clearly bigger then, and had put on more weight in the following year, so it was time a full-on diet! I went to one WW meeting, bought the books telling you how many points everything was worth, then made myself a spreadsheet at home to track the points. The result was a loss of 15kg (2 1/2 stone or ~30lb) in 6 months, and I celebrated by buying new size 12 clothes (14 on top *lol*) and a fantastic set of motorcycle leathers. They were to be my marker: if they fit, all was well, if not - time to watch what I eat for a while!

I got pregnant within the next year, and weighed about 70kg when DD was due.. and only a little less when she was born. My combo of eating habits plus breastfeeding meant that this didn't change much for a while, but when DD was 5mo I had my thyroid surgically removed due to cancer and she was weaned at 8mo so I could have radioactive treatment. Anyone requiring thyroid replacement knows how hard it is to lose weight, as this has certainly affected my metabolism, and there has been an undercurrent of generally pissed off depression too.. lots of chocolate plus crappy metabolism equals *oops* the weight's come on rather than dropping off.

At the moment I'm 1.67m (5'6") and weigh 75kg (11 3/4 stone or ~160lb), giving me a BMI of 26.5. Not the end of the world, but I know I can do better. I want to get back into those leathers, damn it (though I have just sold my motorbike in order to refit the bathroom *sigh*). I cycle to work and walk to the shops when I can, aka when the weather is ok, because inevitably both sorts of trip require me to take DD (now 2) along for the ride.

So, watching what I eat.. Next Friday I'm off to my French grandparents' for a week, so don't expect me to be able to make much progress until I get back! Mamie's cooking is too good, though I will try not to put any more weight on :)

Yikes, that turned into a big of an essay - sorry!

Soph xx

P.S. I prefer metric, but was taught by teachers who didn't quite get it. Add this to an English dad, a French mum, brought up in mostly imperial UK but spending a lot of time in metric-loving countries like Australia and NZ, and you get my mangled usage of height/weight forms of measurement. Doh!

Where did that shape come from?!!!

I was naturally slim before having children, never thought twice about it, ate what I wanted & liked my body.

After my first pregnancy, I only put on just over a stone in weight but went from a size 10 to a 16 due to losing my waist & retaining my mummy tummy. The weight gradually crept on too.

I stayed at a 16 & had another baby. I lost weight on slimming world & went down to a 14, but I'm now "stuck" at this size, am obese according to the BMI charts as I'm 5 foot 2 & I suffer from dreadful water retention. I'm intolerant to wheat, but when I have PMT (like today) I crave chocolate & wheat. I had some french bread at lunchtime along with everyone else, even though I have gf rolls in the bread bin & am now suffering. I need to get past these cravings.

I now have cellulite on my bum, stretch marks on my boobs, a flabby tummy & an extremely ugly c-section scar & horrible marking around it, plus no feeling still in that general area (DD2 is now 4!)

Some days, I'm fine with it, others I hate it all.

Not sure what I actually want, whether it's to accept my new shape or to lose some of the weight. Or a bit of both.


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